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SOKIOSK Features

7 years of Research & Development led to the best KIOSK solution on the market. Discover some of our most important functionalities.

Beautiful and
custom-designed menus

our menus are custom-designed to align seamlessly with your brand’s fonts and color palette, ensuring a cohesive customer experience.

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Dishes tailored to
your customer

Let your customer craft their order to perfection. Whether it’s sizing, toppings or specific choices, our customization options put the control of creating the ideal meal in your customers hands.

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Speak their language

Language is no barrier with SOKIOSK. As a customer, choose your preferred tongue and navigate our ordering process with ease, ensuring comfort and clarity. SOKIOSK is available in Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish, Polish and Czech.

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Data driven insights

Our dashboard delivers a comprehensive overview of your business metrics - from average ticket size to total revenue - all compiled elegantly for quick insights.

Manage your SOKIOSK kiosks like a pro in our control center. Enabling, disabling or configuring items at a glance.


Quickly find what you are looking for

Streamline your search and swiftly locate your culinary choices with our user-friendly search feature. It’s all about getting you to your favorite dishes faster.

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    Upselling & Cross-selling
    feels natural

    Enhance your order with our recommended pairings, offered to complement your selection subtly without the hard sell.
    Cross-selling and upselling made easy to grow your average ticket size.

    • UpsellingConfigure and pimp your dish, think size, sauces, toppings and extras
    • Cross-sellingInspire your customers to go beyond their initial meal idea. Present extra drinks, menu options or desserts to complete your customers order.
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    Integrated with your POS
    or standalone

    Integration is key, and our software harmonizes with over 23 POS systems, facilitating a smooth operational flow for your business. Your orders arrive instantly on your existing kitchen display and POS printer, and appear in your reports and overviews at the end of the day.

    • Lightspeed Restaurant L-SeriesFully compatible and directly integrated with Lightspeed Restaurant L-Series and it's KDS, this version is mostly used in Benelux & North America
    • Lightspeed Restaurant K-seriesFully compatible and directly integrated with Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series and it's KDS, this version is mostly used in DE, FR, CH and South-Africa
    • DeliverectConnect any other POS system with SOKIOSK via Deliverect. Deliverect provides an integration with over 140 POS systems all over the world. Link among other things Untill,

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