Self-service Order Kiosk
for restaurants

SOKIOSK is your self-order kiosk solution.
Give your customers an easy way of ordering and paying. Sell more, reduce labor costs and let your customers enjoy their visit even more.

Save time & personnel costs

Customers that order and pay themselves, saves your employees time and effort at the POS, so they can focus on cooking and serving customers better. Save labor costs and spend more time on a personal customer experience.

More Revenue

Give your customers the time and opportunity to order themselves, and use targeted upselling to let them order 20-35% more. A topping, sauce, drink or dessert? Added to the order at a glance.

Efficiency & customer experience

Less stress to order, if you're now fully decided on your meal or still want a minute to dive in the menu. A funnier and quicker order experience for a happier customer.


A kiosk for your restaurant

SOKIOSK, made to measure to fit your business

Easy ordering

We have spent over 2 years creating a smooth and easy-to-use ordering experience, with minimal distraction and clear steps to follow for each customer profile.

Convenient payment by card, phone or Payconiq

With our integrated payment terminal, your guest can immediately pay at the kiosk with his card, mobile phone (Apple Pay/Google Pay) or via Payconiq. No more counting cash and no interaction required from staff.

Fully customizable

Together we configure and adapt the kiosk to your liking and let titk fit in seamlessly with your style and branding. Both exterior and user interface are being taken care of.

User friendly

(Felt) much shorter waiting times

Make the ordering experience as pleasant as possible

Customers order more

With our ordering kiosk, you have the opportunity to teach your guests about your dishes and specialities in a fun way. Also, the possibility to compose dishes according to your own wishes, and to easily indicate allergens and exclusives seduce the customer and increase the ticket size.

In their own language

Our kiosks support full multilingualism (Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish) based on the customers' choice. Translate your products and menus once via our back-end.

At their own pace

Do you know that feeling, the stress you feel when it's up to you to order at the counter? Routine visitor or explorer? At the ordering kiosk, guests order at their own pace, and are given time to learn about the full menu and different choices.

Bigger ticket size
For all customer types

Easy management and customization

Be always in control over your order kiosks

Fully integrated with your POS/Cash Register

Products, prices, photos and availabilities can be synchronised directly from your POS system to your kiosk. Orders go straight to the right printer(s) in the restaurant or kitchen.

Easily customize and extend menus

We know that a kiosk stands or falls on a well-developed menu structure, delicious photos, logical additions and targeted upselling. Together, we set up a solid base and teach you how to update your menu yourself daily, introduce new dishes and adjust prices.

Upselling en cross-selling

Together, we will work to grow your average ticket size. By cleverly adding upsells (think sauces, toppings, extras) or cross-selling (extra drinks, menu, dessert) to your existing products. Mix & match products from your POS system with each other.

POS Integration
You manage and control
Up- & cross-selling

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Our pricing structure

Transparent and clear. For software and 7/7 service.


Our SOKIOSK software solution.

  • 7/7 service and support
  • Order and pay at the kiosk
  • POS- and payment terminal integration.
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+Pick-up display

Give your customers visibility on their order

  • Show customers which order is still being cooked and which may be picked up
  • Personal with name and order number
  • Fully adapted to your brand
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+QR Menu

Online ordering via QR-code

  • Order & pay with your mobile phone, straight from table to checkout.
  • Click & collect, table or delivery-mode
  • Integrated with your Kiosk
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