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Your self-order
kiosk solution

Increase sales, reduce labor costs, and make ordering and paying fast and easy in any restaurant or fast-food business.

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A kiosk for your business

SOKIOSK, has a solution that fit's any business.

  • Easy orderingWe have spent over 3 years building a smooth and easy-to-use ordering experience, with minimal distraction and clear steps to follow for each type of customer.
  • Convenient payment by card, phone or PayconiqWith our integrated payment terminal, your guest can immediately pay at the kiosk with his card, mobile phone (Apple Pay/Google Pay) or via Payconiq. No more counting cash and no interaction required from staff.
  • Fully customizableTogether we configure and adapt the kiosk to your liking and let it fit in seamlessly with your style and branding. Both exterior and user interface are being taken care of.
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Some of our happy customers

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"SOKIOSK's approach is personal and customer-oriented. During the entire process their communication was prompt and transparent. they delivered a superb end result and the after-sales service is top notch!"
Average ticket size
Reduced waiting time
2 months
Return on investment
Years of experience

Our hardware

At SOKIOSK, we take pride in offering a diverse range of self-ordering kiosks to cater to the unique needs of every business. Our product lineup is divided into three categories, customized to fit your business concept.

Tailor-made solutions for every type of restaurant
Boost Efficiency & Sales
Seamless Self-Ordering
Data-driven Insights
Reliable Support
Scalable Solutions
Trusted by Industry Leaders

Easily manage and customize

Fully integrated with your POS/Cash Register
Products, prices, photos and availabilities can be synchronised directly from your POS system to your kiosk. Orders go straight to the right printer(s) in the restaurant or kitchen.

We're integrated with Lightspeed Restaurant L-series, Lightspeed Restaurant K-series and Deliverect.

Easily customize and extend menus
We know that a kiosk stands or falls on a well-developed menu structure, delicious photos, logical additions and targeted upselling. Together, we set up a solid base and teach you how to update your menu yourself daily, introduce new dishes and adjust prices.

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Some of our proud partners


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